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Region:  Africa

Global Rank: 97 of 129

Regional Rank: 13 of 28


Gabon rejoins the International Property Rights Index after insufficient data prevented it from being included in 2019 and 2018. The scores below compare its 2020 score to the most recent year sufficient data allowed it to be included in the Index, which was 2017.


Gabon’s IPRI score increased by 0.110 to 4.804 placing it 13th in the Africa region and 97th in the world. Gabon is classified by the IMF as part of the Sub-Saharan Africa group and by the World Bank as Upper middle income country.


Gabon’s Legal and Political Subindex decreased by 0.357 to 3.699 with scores of 2.903 in Judicial Independence, 3.588 in Rule of Law, 5.006 in Political Stability, and 3.298 in Control of Corruption.


Gabon’s Physical Property Rights Subindex increased by 0.960 to 5.941 with scores of 4.167 in perception of Property Rights Protection, 7.715 in Registering Property, and data wasn't available to measure Ease of Access to Loans.


Gabon’s Intellectual Property Rights Subindex decreased by 0.273 to 4.773 with scores of 3.763 in perception of Intellectual Property Protection, 5.783 in Patent Protection, and data wasn't available to measure Copyright Protection.


Gabon is a member of the following regional integration agreements

  • OPEC

Gabon - IPRI Overall Score

Gabon - IPRI Overall Score

  • 1: IPRI
  • 2: Legal and Political Subindex
  • 3. Judicial Independence
  • 4. Rule of Law
  • 5. Control of Corruption
  • 6. Political Stability
  • 7. Physical Property Rights Subindex
  • 8. Property Rights Protection
  • 9. Registering Property
  • 10. Ease of Access to Loans
  • 11. Intellectual Property Rights Subindex
  • 12. Intellectual Property Rights
  • 13. Patent Protection
  • 14. Copyright Piracy

Gabon - IPRI Overall Score

Gabon - Legal and Political Environmental

Gabon - Physical Property Rights

Gabon - Intellectual Property Rights