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Qatar’s IPRI score decreased by -0.148 to 6.36 placing it 2nd in the Middle East and North Africa region and 27th in the world. Qatar is classified by the IMF as part of the Middle East and Central Asia group and by the World Bank as High income country.


Qatar’s Legal and Political Subindex decreased by -0.029 to 6.812 with scores of in Judicial Independence, 6.856 in Rule of Law, 6.969 in Political Stability, and 6.612 in Control of Corruption.


Qatar’s Physical Property Rights Subindex did not change and remained at 7.21 with scores of 7.414 in perception of Property Rights Protection, data wasn't available to measure Registering Process, and 7.007 in Access to Financing.


Qatar’s Intellectual Property Rights Subindex decreased by -0.417 to 5.057 with scores of 7.451 in perception of Intellectual Property Protection, 4.05 in Patent Protection, data wasn't available to measure Copyright Protection, and 3.67 in Trademark Protection.


Qatar is a member of the following regional integration agreements

  • GCC

Qatar - IPRI Overall Score

Qatar - IPRI Overall Score

  • 1: IPRI
  • 2: Legal and Political Subindex
  • 3. Judicial Independence
  • 4. Rule of Law
  • 5. Control of Corruption
  • 6. Political Stability
  • 7. Physical Property Rights Subindex
  • 8. Property Rights Protection
  • 9. Registering Property
  • 10. Ease of Access to Loans
  • 11. Intellectual Property Rights Subindex
  • 12. Intellectual Property Rights
  • 13. Patent Protection
  • 14. Copyright Protection
  • 15. Trademark Protection

Qatar - IPRI Overall Score

Qatar - Legal and Political Environment

Qatar - Physical Property Rights

Qatar - Intellectual Property Rights