Welcome to the 2014 IPRI

Welcome to the website of the 2014 International Property Rights Index. We welcome you to take a look around the site, look at the scores of the various countries and regions, see how they compare, and read our documents and case studies. 

To view the map, click 'Map' in the top left corner. To view the content again, click 'Content.' While using the map view, you can set filters for the IPRI sub-components or select micro-regions so you may view the map more closely.

View the introduction to the IPRI, written by Dr. Hernando De Soto here. To learn more about the IPRI, our sponsors, the De Soto Fellowship opportunity, or how to contact us, click the links on the left. To download the executive summary (PDF) of the 2014 report, click here.



Top Ranked Countries

These are the countries where property rights are most secure. For a complete list, click here.

Ranks Country Rating
1 Finland 8.5
2 New Zealand 8.3
2 Norway 8.3
2 Sweden 8.3
5 Singapore 8.2
5 Switzerland 8.2
7 Luxemburg 8.1
7 Netherlands 8.1
9 Canada 8.0
10 Denmark 7.9

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