IPRI 2014

To learn more about the 2014 report, click the following links: 

Introduction of the 2014 IPRI by Hernando De Soto

Letter from the Executive Director of the Property Rights Alliance

In-Depth Analysis of the Composition and Coverage of 2014 IPRI (HTML) (PDF Download)

Data Methodology (PDF Download)

Analysis of Countries Excluded from the Index


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Top Ranked Countries

These are the countries where property rights are most secure. For a complete list, click here.

Ranks Country Rating
1 Finland 8.5
2 New Zealand 8.3
2 Norway 8.3
2 Sweden 8.3
5 Singapore 8.2
5 Switzerland 8.2
7 Luxemburg 8.1
7 Netherlands 8.1
9 Canada 8.0
10 Denmark 7.9

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